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About Us

Founded in 2013, Toddlershoes has come a long way from its beginnings in California. We became known as one of the leading industries in the adventurous footwear we deliver, providing comfort and style when you need it the most, and empowering children to feel as confident as they can be the outdoor exploring spirit of is an undeniable and authentic attribute of our brand, we would like to establish an adventurous connection with our young consumers, much like a hug from a buddy in nature.

We believe having fun is an essential part of life, it creates a balance that parts us from the stressful times. Life would be different and incomplete without the joy of exploring the natural environment especially for kids who have just started to learn about the beauty of the great outdoors.

We are dedicated to providing you the very best of toddler shoes, encouraging and pushing the younger generation in getting out to stay in touch with the world. Finding happiness in the most natural way. With style and individuality, we partner with creatives and activists from all around the world, whose stories inspire us to celebrate the beauty of adventure and explore topics that matter to them, and to us.